All-in-one device for streamlined, automated genomics

TurBOT, the benchtop device, is designed with versatility in mind, offering automated extraction, library preparation, sequencing, basecalling, and data analysis for multiple samples, from within an intuitive interface.

Sample-to-answer device

Prepare, sequence and analyse

TurBOT is the go-to choice for users seeking a hands-free, simplified workflow from raw sample to analysis. Accelerate your genomics research with access to Oxford Nanopore's verified end-to-end workflows conveniently packaged into a single device.

Why TurBOT?

Standalone device with integrated

  • Thermocycler
  • MinION or PromethION 2 Solo
  • Onboard data analysis with EPI2METM


  • Convenient touch screen interface
  • Simple guide to set up your run

Reliable sample preparation

  • Verified end-to-end workflows
  • Integrated reagent cooling

Versatile and scalable

  • Compatible with tubes and plates
  • Up to 48 samples (workflow dependant)
  • Multiple, pre-programmed workflows
  • Adjust your method to your needs

Two versions to meet your needs


Device with MinION on board suitable for:

TurBOT P2 Solo

Device with PromethION 2 Solo on board suitable for:

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  • Size: W 1190 mm, H 1094 mm, D 782 mm
  • Weight: 188 kg

Compute specifications

  • Latest generation CPU
  • 1 NVIDIA A6000 GPU
  • 800 GB SSD data storage
  • 64 GB RAM