Executive team

The Oxford Nanopore executive team has combined experience in the development, manufacture and commercialisation of disruptive technologies including DNA sequencing. This includes a corporate function to support the Company's past and future fundraising activities.

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Gordon Sanghera

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Chief Financial Officer

Nick Keher

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Chief Strategy Officer

Dr Spike Willcocks

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Chief Technology, Innovation and Product Officer

Clive Brown

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SVP, Corp & Bus Dev

John Schoellerman

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Chief Operating Officer

Tim Cowper

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Global Head, SVP, Corporate Affairs

Zoe McDougall

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SVP, Global Human Resources

Sarah Lapworth

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SVP, General Counsel

Jordan Herman

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Departmental leaders

SVP, Product & Programme Management

Rosemary Sinclair Dokos MBA

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SVP, Clinical and Head of OND

Emma Stanton

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SVP, R&D Biologics

Lakmal Jayasinghe

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SVP Population Health & Precision Medicine

Kathleen Barnes

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SVP, Sales and Commercial Operations

Richard Compton

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VP, Informatics

Roger Pettett

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VP, Engineering

Ant Jones

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VP, Platform Technology

Dr James Clarke

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VP, Commercial Operations

Nirmala Santiapillai

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VP, Intellectual Property

Martyn Andrews

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VP, Finance

Phil Watkins

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VP, Operations

Rhodri Davies

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VP, Manufacturing

Jeremy Bryar

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VP, Global Supply Chain

Alvaro Correia

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VP of Global Marketing

Sara Agee Le

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VP Legal, Associate General Counsel

Hannah Coote

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VP, Strategic Programmes

Chris Brown

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VP, Business Development

Kristen Stoops

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