Library preparation to sequence any fragment length

Whether you are studying the human genome, investigating the microbiome, or exploring the diversity of life on earth, Oxford Nanopore library preparation solutions offer a flexible, cost-effective, and streamlined way to generate high-quality sequencing data.

Comprehensive library preparation solutions for genomic analysis

Oxford Nanopore library preparation solutions are tailored to specific research needs, from whole-genome to targeted sequencing and beyond. They are compatible with all nanopore sequencing devices, giving you the flexibility to select the most suitable solution for your experiment. Find out more about our library preparation options and how they can help you accelerate your research.

DNA and RNA library preparation

DNA library

  • From 20 bases to 4 Mb+
  • Prep in just 10 minutes
  • Base modifications preserved*

*when sequencing native DNA

RNA library

  • The only direct RNA sequencing technology
  • Full-length RNA and cDNA transcripts
  • Base modifications preserved*

*when sequencing native RNA

High-quality library preparation: the foundation for your discoveries

Native: PCR-free for direct DNA or RNA sequencing eliminating GC bias, retaining all the biological information including base modifications without extra library prep or sample manipulation, reducing costs and preparation time.

Comprehensive: Any DNA and RNA fragment length (from 20 bp to 4 Mb+) to access whole genomes, targeted genomes, methylomes, structural variants, full-length transcripts, and more.

Scalable: Easily scalable (automatable on various liquid handlers) to meet diverse needs, ensuring consistent and reproducible results.

Versatile: Compatible with a wide range of sample types (DNA, RNA, and cDNA) for a variety of applications.

Streamlined: Quick, simple and robust workflows, typically with 5 to 20 minutes of hands-on time.

High quality: Designed for high output and minimal bias, ensuring reliable and accurate results.

Automated library preparation

Automation of library preparation improves the overall consistency of results, supporting robust and standardised workflows, which enables increased sample throughput for medium- and large-scale projects, such as large cohort studies. Our streamlined library preparation kits are easy to automate, and protocols are available for a range of liquid handlers.

  • Increase your sample throughput
  • Optimise for reproducibility
  • Deliver robust and standardised workflows

Streamlined and automated nanopore sequencing

Leveraging the advantages of our technology, centred around the flow cell and the compact size of our sequencers, you can automate your sequencing workflows. Our versatile automation solutions include portable and benchtop devices that are capable of sample extraction, library prep, sequencing, and even data analysis — all within a single device.

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Sample-to-answer sequencing solution:
Extract, prepare, sequence, analyse

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TraxION (coming soon)

Sample-to-sequence portable device:
Extract, prepare, sequence