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"This approach, using the PromethION to get into these complex genomes, really provides the opportunity to think about pan-genomics at the de novo genome scale" Todd Michael, JCVI

"Metagenomic sequencing will change the treatment strategy of infectious diseases in the near future, and I believe MinION will take a leading role in that change" Jangsup Moon, Seoul National University Hospital

"Long reads can assemble whole genomes from complex microbiomes into a single contig" Amanda Warr, Roslin Institute
"Ultimately, in-field sequencing potentiated by nanopore devices raises the prospect of enhanced agility in exploring Earth’s most remote microbiomes" Arwyn Edwards, Aberystwyth University
"We sequenced 11 CLL patients and were able to identify SNVs, indels, genomic complexity and deletions, as well as accurately defining the IgHV region" Burns et al, University of Oxford

Nanopore sequencing, the only technology that offers:

  • Direct sequencing of native DNA/RNA, or sequencing amplified samples
    The only technology that sequences the native strand, without optics or amplification. Simpler workflows, direct epigenetic information.
  • REAL Real-time
    Real time streaming of sequence data allows rapid insight into samples, on-demand sequencing and dynamic workflows.
  • No capital cost required
  • Read any length of DNA/RNA - short to ultra-long
    Determined only by fragment length: as many as 2 million bases may be sequenced in single continuous reads.
  • Scalable to portable or desktop
    A scalable array allows the same nanopore sequencing technology to be deployed in modular devices of different sizes, so there is always the right tool for your needs.
  • Simple & rapid, or automated, library prep
    10 minute library prep options, or VolTRAX for automated, programmable preparation.
  • High yields for large genomes
    MinION/GridION can now yield 10s Gb per flow cell. PromethION is now commercially available, designed for terabase yields of long read data, in modular format for on-demand workflows.



Extract nucleic acid from your sample and prepare it for sequencing

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Sequence your library on a device that suits your needs

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Analyse your data from as soon as you start sequencing

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About us

Our goal is to enable the analysis of any living thing, by anyone, anywhere.

Oxford Nanopore’s goal is to enable the analysis of any living thing, by anyone, anywhere. The Company has developed the world's first and only nanopore DNA sequencing platform, which is uniquely scalable from pocket-sized formats through to ultra-high throughput devices. The technology offers real-time data analysis for rapid, dynamic insights; the ability to sequence any length fragments of DNA or RNA, whether short or ultra-long, and the ability to sequence native molecules for rich data that includes real-time epigenetic information.

The technology is currently being used in 100 countries, by researchers in human, plant, animal, microbiological or environmental genetics, as well as increasingly in applied market applications such as healthcare or food more

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We are more than 400 people across 8 locations, working to enable the analysis of any living thing, by any user, in any environment.

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