PromethION 24 and PromethION 48 now available

We are pleased to announce that PromethION 24 and PromethION 48 are now available to order in the nanopore store. PromethION offers high throughput, long-read, real-time, direct nanopore sequencing data in a modular format. With its own powerful compute module that enables real-time basecalling and onward analysis, PromethION does not require substantial additional infrastructure. Costs per Gb are highly competitive. View full device specifications.

From today you can order two new configurations of PromethION, allowing very high (P24) and ultra-high (P48) yields of nanopore sequence data.

The evolution of PromethION

PromethION beta was first used in early access, and in May 2018 it was made commercially available, after internal performance had accelerated to give us more than 100Gb per single flow cell. As 2018 ended, internally we could generate as much as 220Gb per flow cell and the community record now stands at >160Gb, with many users comfortably generating more than 100Gb per flow cell.

With such rapid performance acceleration, we have seen demand for two configurations of the device. This provides a choice of:

  • P24 for very high throughput. We currently advise that this will provide up to 3.8Tb of data per full flow cell set in 72 hours, with higher future capacity as we continue to improve all aspects of the technology.
  • P48 for ultra-high throughput. Currently advising that this will provide up to 7.6Tb yield, also with higher future capacity.

This means that there is an option suitable for all core labs/service providers, researchers sequencing larger genomes such as humans or plants, and those performing population-scale sequencing projects.

As we aim to disrupt the availability of sequencing technology, we have made PromethION highly accessible – researchers don’t need to pay capital for the device itself and flow cells can cost as little as $625, making low-cost large nanopore genomes both possible and accessible.

Some users will continue to use PromethION Beta, which runs the same flow cells as P24 and P48. Current users who are interested in discussing an upgrade path are invited to contact customer support.

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