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What are the colours shown in the MinKNOW™ graphs indicating?

What are the colours shown in the MinKNOW™ graphs indicating?

The graphs within MinKNOW such as the Channels Panel, Pore Scan and Pore Health all reflect the real-time status of the sequencing run. The different states are represented by different colours.

Below is an example of the Channels Panel of a MinION sequencing run. • Sequencing (light green): a DNA strand translocating through a single pore. • Pore (dark green): a single open pore that is not currently capturing DNA. • Recovering (dark blue): a single pore with a stalled DNA strand that is no longer translocating, or a current range that is too high to be meaningful. • Inactive (light blue): a channel that cannot be rescued and will no longer be able to sequence. Reasons can include the current being outside the detector limit or the presence of multiple pores. • Unclassified (white): a channel that MinKNOW has not yet classified into one of the states described above.

You can click the “More” button to reveal a more detailed array of channel states and the details of these states and further information on the MinKNOW GUI, please see the MinKNOW technical document.

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