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My MinION flow cell had fewer than 800 pores after the flow cell check, what can I do?

My MinION flow cell had fewer than 800 pores after the flow cell check, what can I do?

Please try the following steps before repeating the platform QC:

  1. Remove the flow cell from the device and let it cool for a few minutes

  2. Unplug the MinION from the computer and let it cool for a few minutes, ignore this step if you are using an device with integrated compute.

  3. Reboot the computer or device.

  4. Insert the flow cell, ensuring you exert moderate downwards pressure. (https://community.nanoporetech.com/technical_documents/hardware/v/hwtd_5000_v1_revh_03may2016/flow-cell-chip?from=support)

  5. Relaunch the software and plug the MinION into the computer if applicable.

  6. Repeat the Platform QC/flow cell check

If the pore number on the flow cell equals 0, then please do the following as this could result from the presence of a bubble near the electrode, located in the inlet channel, preventing current flow to the pore array area.

  1. Remove 15-20 uL of the buffer from the priming port (with the priming port completely open and the Spot-On port covered). There is enough buffer in the outlet channel so that even if you remove about 20 uL, the flow cell will still be covered with liquid at all times.

  2. Repeat the Platform QC to see if you obtain different results

Please note that exposure to air or freezing will irreversibly damage the pores. Please ensure the pore area is always covered with buffer during flow cell handling and the storage is within the 2-8°C range (storage instructions here).

Don’t worry when you check your flow cell if it looks like there is liquid condensation inside the packaging – this is purely a cosmetic issue and does not affect flow cell performance.

Our packaging contains moisture control technology that ensures the flow cells are environmentally controlled during shipping and storage.

Fully released flow cells that fail to pass QC within 12 weeks of arrival can be reported to the Support team, by using the 'Flow cell warranty' form on the Live Chat assistant.

Flow cells that are in Early Access or Developer Release may have different warranty periods.

Please report any flow cells that fail to pass QC within two business days of the initial flow cell check.

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