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Flow cell warranty and storage

Flow cell warranty and storage

What is the warranty on my Flow cells?

The flow cell check (performance qualification) returning the pore count should be performed immediately before sequencing, rather than on receipt of the flow cell. The warranty period commences from receipt of the flow cells and any warranty failures should be reported within 2 business days.

Flow Cell Min. Pore Count Warranty Period
PromethION 5000 12 Weeks
MinION/GridION 800 12 Weeks
Flongle 50 4 Weeks

How should I store my Flow cells?

All flow cells should be stored at 2-8°C from receipt to ensure optimal performance.

MinION flow cells may be stored at ambient temperature (21*C) for up to 4 weeks.

Caution: Flow cells do not tolerate freezing temperatures even for short period of time and users should take care not allow flow cells to come into direct contact with frozen temperature elements (e.g. the back panel of a refrigerator or frozen cool packs).

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