Workflow: plasmid sequencing

Rapid plasmid analysis with nanopore sequencing and EPI2ME workflows

At the core of a researcher’s ability to synthesise novel proteins is the plasmid construct, containing genes coding for proteins of interest, as well as accessory components offering control of expression or genetic features for selective pressure options. These genetic toolboxes enable exquisite control, but it is vital that all features are validated as present and correct for experimental success.

Nanopore sequencing enables the highly accurate, flexible, and secure characterisation of full-length plasmids in-house, with results obtained in hours — negating the need to send constructs to third parties for validation. By obtaining full sequence data in a single experiment, the need for multiple techniques to confirm the accuracy of your constructs is also no longer required.

Here we present a flexible, rapid workflow for sequence assembly of plasmid constructs using MinION Flow Cells on MinION or GridION sequencing devices and the EPI2ME analysis platform.

Download the workflow