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Automated library preparation for nanopore sequencing​

Preparation of libraries for nanopore sequencing is highly amenable to automation on robotic liquid handlers.​

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Scalable automation​ ​

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The range of devices available from Oxford Nanopore enable sequencing at every scale — from the single-use Flongle Flow Cell generating 1-2 Gbases of data, right through to the PromethION 48 with terabase-scale outputs. Automation of library preparation can help throughout this range by increasing sample throughput and improving overall consistency of results, delivering robust and standardised workflows.​ ​

Scripts and their development

The table details the current status of automated library preparation scripts by their origin, and whether they are available now or in development.

Read more on Q20+ sequencing with our Kit 14 Chemistry.


  Hamilton Tecan Beckman Coulter Opentrons Agilent Eppendorf
  NGS STAR STAR STARlet DreamPrep NGS Biomek i-7 OT-2 Bravo epMotion 5073t epMotion 5075t
Ligation Sequencing Kit XL V14 (LSK114-XL)        
Native Barcoding Kit 96 V14 (NBD114.96)            
Multiplex Ligation Sequencing Kit V14 (MLK-114)              
Multiplex Ligation Sequencing Kit (MLK111.96-XL)                
Midnight RBK (RBK110.96 & EXP-MRT001)        



Qualified by Oxford Nanopore


For detailed protocols on using scripts qualified by Oxford Nanopore, click the filled circles in the table above (login required)

In development at Oxford Nanopore


To obtain any of the Oxford Nanopore, Vendor, or Customer developed scripts please click 'Get in touch' and submit your request

Developed by vendor


In development by vendor



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Open platform development ​

Oxford Nanopore Technologies has partnered with multiple automation vendors to support our users' needs. These partnerships enable support at every level of throughput, from standalone systems within research groups to high-throughput, integrated systems for population-scale sequencing projects.
Alongside in-house development of scripts, we work with vendors and customers to design, develop, and test scripts that can be used as part of your workflow. With this approach we deliver scripts and workflows from three development areas:


By creating an open platform for automation development we aim to support any user wishing to automate library preparation for nanopore sequencing — delivering real-time, information rich data in a robust and automated manner.

Oxford Nanopore automation system coming soon!​

We leverage the compact size of our sequencers to deliver a system which can generate libraries and perform sequencing — all on a single device.

Project TurBOT is working to deliver a fully automated, sample-to-sequence solution featuring an integrated MinIONTM sequencer.

Project TurBOT is currently in Development. If you would like to be kept up to date on progress or have a project you think it would be suited for, please register your interest.

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We're always looking to hear from our customers. If you want to find out extra information on any of the above methods, get support for picking an automation platform, discuss the development of a new method, or let us know about a method you have developed yourself then please get in touch by clicking the button.