Library preparation automation

Straightforward library prep automation allows users to generate premium quality data around the clock with minutes of hands-on time.

Automated preparation for streamlined answers

The range of devices available from Oxford Nanopore enables sequencing at every scale — from the single-use Flongle Flow Cell generating 1-2 Gbases of data, right through to the PromethION 48 with terabase-scale outputs. Automation of library preparation can help throughout this range.

It improves the overall consistency of results, supporting robust and standardised workflows, which enables increased sample throughput for medium- and large-scale projects, such as large cohort studies. Our streamlined library preparation kits are easy to automate, and protocols are available for a range of liquid handlers.

Methods and their development

Oxford Nanopore Technologies has partnered with multiple automation vendors to support our users' needs. These partnerships enable support at every level of throughput, from standalone systems within research groups to high-throughput, integrated systems for population-scale sequencing projects.

Alongside in-house method development, we work with vendors and users to design, develop, and validate methods tailored to your workflow. Through an open platform approach, we aim to support any user wishing to automate library preparation for nanopore sequencing, ensuring the delivery of real-time, information rich data in a reliable and automated manner.

Hamilton Tecan Beckman Coulter Opentrons Agilent Eppendorf Revvity
NGS STAR NGS STARlet DreamPrep NGS Biomek i-7 OT-2 Bravo epMotion 5073t epMotion 5075t Sciclone G3 NGSx
Ligation Sequencing Kit XL V14
Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available
Native Barcoding Kit 96 V14
Available Available Available
Rapid Barcoding Kit 96 V14 (RBK114.96) In development
Midnight protocol
(RBK110.96, EXP-MRT001)
Available Available Available Available Available Available

Resources and support

DreamPrep paper cover

High-throughput, automated library prep

The technical note demonstrates that the automated preparation of DNA libraries for nanopore sequencing on the DreamPrep NGS platform using the Ligation Sequencing Kit XL V14 increases consistency and reproducibility compared to manual preparation while freeing staff for higher-value tasks.

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Seeking assistance?

Whether you're considering lab automation, selecting the right platform, exploring new method development, or simply want more information, reach out to us. Our Automation Solutions Team is here to guide you through every phase of designing and implementing lab automation.

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Streamlined and automated nanopore sequencing

Leveraging the advantages of our technology, centred around the flow cell and the compact size of our sequencers, you can automate your sequencing workflows. Our versatile automation solutions include portable and benchtop devices that are capable of sample extraction, library prep, sequencing, and even data analysis — all within a single device.

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Sample-to-answer sequencing solution:
Extract, prepare, sequence, analyse

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TraxION (coming soon)

Sample-to-sequence portable device:
Extract, prepare, sequence