Two new Oxford Nanopore Service providers: now cover US, China, Europe, Australia

Two additional laboratories have now achieved certification to provide Oxford Nanopore sequencing as a service.  There are now service providers operating in Europe, the US, China and Australia.

NextOmics (GrandOmics), China
NextOmics, a GrandOmics company, has become the third laboratory to certify for service provision of nanopore sequencing. The companies are based in Wuhan and Beijing. GrandOmics currently has 11 GridIONs in operation, with more on order.

NextOmics has started to offer nanopore sequencing to customers in China and elsewhere including the UK and US.  They offer the full range of applications, and enjoy providing excellent results for difficult samples such as plants or insects.  Read more about NextOmics’ service here and more at their blog here (Chinese language).

De Novo Genomics, US

De Novo Genomics is a biomedical research and development company. A core mission of De Novo Genomics is to improve human health through the application of advanced sequencing and computational technology to address long standing and emerging scientific questions.  De Novo Genomics began using Oxford Nanopore Sequencing technology in 2016, and now as a certified service provider, is offering sequencing services to the broader scientific community.

Read more about their service or follow them here.