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High-throughput DNA library preparation with DreamPrep® NGS and Ligation Sequencing Kit XL V14 for nanopore sequencing

Automated library preparation for short-to-long DNA fragments ensures reproducible and high-yield genomic data.  This allows reliable identification of genetic aberrations, accurate phasing, high resolution of repeat regions and direct detection of DNA methylation, all in a single sequencing run.

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DNA sequencing can answer a range of biological questions by providing information on pathogen identity and genetic disease risk, or by helping us to understand evolutionary processes.

Oxford Nanopore Technologies has developed long-read sequencing protocols to unlock the genetic code of much longer DNA fragments than ever before. This provides comprehensive genomic insights by reading through all structural variants and spotting complex copy number variations, as well as simultaneously recording methylation patterns. Complete genome information is necessary for ensuring a better understanding of chromosome function, human disease and genomic variation, which will translate to better prediction and management of diseases in the population.

This technical note compares the manual preparation of DNA sequencing libraries using the ONT Ligation Sequencing Kit XL V14 (LSK114) with an automated protocol on the DreamPrep NGS (Figure 1) platform. It demonstrates that running high throughput, walkaway NGS library preparation workflows on the DreamPrep NGS increases consistency and reproducibility, as well as releasing staff for higher value work.

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