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How do I obtain light shields?

How do I obtain light shields?

Light shields for MinION and PromethION flow cells will be supplied with flow cells. MinION Light Shields are supplied attached to the flow cell packet. PromethION Light Shields are supplied pre-applied to the flow cell and turn with the flow cell valve. Flongle Light Shields will also be pre-applied to flow cells.

Customers that have received flow cells in the last 3 months are being shipped packs of light shields that can be used on existing flow cells. PromethION Flow Cell Light Shields come in packs of 8 and MinION Flow Cell Light Shields come in packs of 5. These are due to begin shipping 20th September. For users that require further light shields please contact the team using the Live Chat assistant on the website and further packs of light shields can be shipped free of charge.

Light shields can be returned to Oxford Nanopore alongside flow cell returns.

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