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What is the purpose of the Flow cell Priming Kit XL (EXP-FLP004-XL)?

What is the purpose of the Flow cell Priming Kit XL (EXP-FLP004-XL)?

The Flow cell Priming Kit XL is a companion kit for the Ligation Sequencing Kit XL. As a scaled-up version of the 6-reaction Flow cell Priming Kit, the XL kit offers sufficient reagents to prime up to 48 MinION or PromethION Flow Cells for sequencing.

The XL kits enable lower cost per reaction and scalability of the operation. With the dead volumes built in for the key components, users are encouraged to maximize library preparation efficiency by using multichannel pipettes or a liquid-handling robot for high throughput and automation.

The Flow cell Priming Kit XL will be automatically included with the purchase of each Ligation Sequencing Kit XL and can also be ordered as a stand-alone kit from its Nanopore Store Page.

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