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Priming the Flongle Flow Cell | Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Priming the Flongle Flow Cell

We recommend using the Flow Cell Tether (FCT) together with the Flongle Sequencing Expansion pack, which includes three components in glass vials, sufficient to perform 12 Flongle flow cell loads in total.

The Flow Cell Tether (FCT) is included either in a sequencing kit, such as the Ligation Sequencing Kit (SQK-LSK114), or in the Flow Cell Priming Kit (EXP-FLP004).

The Flongle Sequencing Expansion components include:

(1) Sequencing Buffer (SB)

(2) Flow Cell Flush (FCF)

(3) Library Solution (LIS)

(4) Library Beads (LIB)

For detailed Flongle flow cell priming and loading instructions, please select the Flongle branch at the top right corner of each library prep protocol and then go to the “Loading the Flongle flow cell” section listed on the right-hand side.

For inquiries about obtaining the Flongle Sequencing Expansion pack, please contact the support team via Live Chat on our website.

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