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Intawat Nookaew - Transcriptional landscapes analysis through direct RNA sequencing

Nanopore Community Meeting 2018

Obtaining a complete genome and transcriptional landscapes of eukaryote can be a difficult task, due to a combination of highly repetitive sequences along the chromosomes and short read lengths obtained from second-generation sequencing. With long reads were generated using Oxford Nanopore (ONT), we obtained complete genome through de novo assembly. Furthermore, we generated long reads using direct RNA sequencing with ONT to investigate transcriptional landscapes and quantification. Full-length transcripts were identified through a novel approach of direct RNA-seq. This method provides accurate identification of transcriptional landscapes, including untranslated regions as well as differential gene expression quantification. Direct RNA-seq identified many polyadenylated non-coding RNAs, including rRNAs, telomere-RNA and a long noncoding RNA.

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