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Targeted long-read sequencing identifies and characterises structural variants in cases of inherited platelet disorders


Date: 23rd November 2023 | Source: Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Authors: Ana Zamora-Cánovas, Belén de la Morena-Barrio, Ana Marín-Quilez, Cristina Sierra-Aisa, Christoph Male, Nuria Fernández-Mosteirin, María Trapero-Marugán, José Padilla, Pedro Garrido-Rodriguez, Ana Sánchez-Fuentes, Agustín Rodríguez-Alen, Pedro Luis Gómez-González, Nuria Revilla, María Eugenia de la Morena-Barrio, José María Bastida, Javier Corral, José Rivera, María L. Lozano.

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