Rapid confirmation of the Zaire Ebola Virus in the outbreak of the Equateur province in the Democratic Republic of Congo: implications for public health interventions

Ten days after the declaration of the Ebola outbreak in the Equateur Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, rapid identification of the species Zaire Ebolavirus (EBOV) using partial gene amplification and nanopore sequencing backed up the use of the rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine in the ring vaccination strategy recommended by WHO.

Authors: Placide Mbala Kingebeni, Christian-Julian Villabona-Arenas, Nicole VidalJacques Likofata, Justus Nsio-Mbeta , Sheila Makiala-Mandanda, Daniel Mukadi, Charles Kumakamba , Bathe Djokolo, Ahidjo Ayouba, Eric Delaporte , Patrick Mukadi, Martine Peeters, Jean-Jacques Muyembe Tamfum, Steve Ahuka Mundeke