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Alexander Wittenberg - PromethION sequencing of complex plant genomes

London Calling 2018

KeyGene operates at the forefront with respect to new technologies and innovations in the field of plant genomics, and participates in the PromethION Early Access Program (PEAP). Genome sequencing initiatives of large, complex genomes typically yield highly fragmented genome assemblies. Using the PromethION, that offers ultra-long reads and high sequence output, KeyGene aims to produce contiguous, high-quality genome assemblies of plant pathogens and complex plant genomes. Recently we finished the data generation of the 2.7 Gbp lettuce genome and generated >100X coverage with just a few flow cells. To obtain high quality libraries for sequencing, the HMW DNA quality (integrity and purity) is crucial. KeyGene has developed specific knowledge in this area, and its impact on read length and yield will be presented and discussed.

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