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Identification of AbaR4 Acinetobacter baumannii resistance island in clinical isolates of blaOXA-23-positive Proteus mirabilis


Date: 14th November 2019 | Source: Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

Authors: Sophie Octavia, Weizhen Xu, Oon Tek Ng, Kalisvar Marimuthu, Indumathi Venkatachalam, Bernadette Cheng, Raymond T P Lin, Jeanette W P Teo.

blaOXA-23 is a class D carbapenemase-encoding gene typical of the Acinetobacter genus. However, its occurrence in the Enterobacteriaceae is uncommon. Here we provide the genome characterization of blaOXA-23-positive Proteus mirabilis.

In Singapore, a national surveillance of carbapenem non-susceptible clinical Enterobacteriaceae has enabled the collection of OXA-23 bearing isolates. Three clinical P. mirabilis were whole-genome sequenced using Oxford Nanopore MinION and Illumina platforms. The sequence accuracy of MinION long-read contigs was enhanced by polishing with Illumina-derived short-read data.

In two P. mirabilis genomes, blaOXA-23 was detected as two copies, present on the chromosome and on a 60 018 bp plasmid. blaOXA-23 was associated with the classic Acinetobacter composite transposon Tn2006, bounded by two copies of ISAba1 bracketing the carbapenemase gene. The Tn2006 itself was embedded within an Acinetobacter baumannii AbaR4 resistance island. In the chromosome, the AbaR4 was found integrated into the comM gene, which is also the preferred ‘hotspot’ in A. baumannii. In the plasmid, AbaR4 integrated into a putative colicin gene.

Our description of an A. baumannii AbaR4 encoding blaOXA-23 in P. mirabilis is to our knowledge the first description of an Acinetobacter resistance island in Proteus and suggests that P. mirabilis may be a reservoir for this class D carbapenemase gene.

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