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Joseph Fauver, Estée Török, Jing Lu, George Githinji

Genomic epidemiology panel

The genomic epidemiology panel made up by Joseph Fauver, Estée Török, Jing Lu, George Githinji each give a short presentation on their research followed by questions from the audience and a panel discussion moderated by Nick Loman from the University of Birmingham.

(1:12) Joseph Fauver, is a post-doctoral research associate at Yale school of public health and his talk titled: 'Coast to coast spread of SARS CoV 2 during the early epidemic in the United States'. Joseph and his team have used a combination of MinION sequencing and epidemiology to track the transmission of SARS CoV 2 in the USA.
(9:50) Estée Törö, is a clinical academic at the University of Cambridge and her talk is titled: Rapid implementation of real-time SARS-COV-2 sequencing to investigate healthcare-associated COVID-19 infection.
(20:30) Jing Lu talk is titled: Genomic epidemiology of SARS-COV-2 in Guangdong Province China. Jing focuses on studying the evolution dynamics of infections mechanisms of human pathogens and novel tools and methods of pathogen diagnosis.
(27:56) George Githinji, is a post-doctoral scientist at KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Programme in Kenya and his talk is titled 'Building capacity for public health bioinformatics in East Africa using a portable sequencing platform'. George and the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Programme to aim to inform public health decision making and policy by building genomic capability through utilisation nanopore portable sequencing devices.
(33:20) Panel discussion kicked off by Nick Loman.