Empowering comprehensive sequencing at scale

Whether you missed it first time, or want to revisit the presentations, this is a great opportunity to watch Oxford Nanopore's lunchtime satellite session from ESHG 2024.

Comprehensive genomes that include information about not only SNPs and other small variants but also structural variants, copy number variations, repeats, and epigenetic markers like methylation are changing the landscape of genomics. From new reference datasets that are more representative of the genetic diversity such as the Pangenome and the long-read sequencing of the 1000Genomes Project to integration into clinical research, the community is now generating ultra-rich data without having to compromise on scale. In this workshop, we showcased projects demonstrating the value of nanopore sequencing to identify novel and known variants and get insight on biology on 100s to 1000s of samples. Discover how nanopore technology powers the bigger and bolder research questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

Authors: Greg Elgar, Genomics England, Brynja Sigurpálsdóttir , Scientist / Researcher, deCODE genetics and Cora Vacher, Segment Marketing Manager, Oxford Nanopore Technologies