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Diagnostic accuracy of Loop mediated isothermal amplification coupled to Nanopore sequencing (LamPORE) for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 infection at scale in symptomatic and asymptomatic populations


Date: 23rd April 2021 | Source: Clinical Microbiology and Infection

Authors: Anetta Ptasinska, Celina Whalley, Andrew Bosworth, Charlotte Poxon, Claire Bryer, Nicholas Machin, Seden Grippon, Emma L Wise, Bryony Armson, Emma L A Howson, Alice Goring, Gemma Snell, Jade Forster, Chris Mattocks, Sarah Frampton, Rebecca Anderson, David Cleary, Joe Parker, Konstantinos Boukas, Nichola Graham, Doriana Cellura, Emma Garratt, Rachel Skilton, Hana Sheldon, Alla Collins, Nusreen Ahmad, Simon Friar, Tim Williams, Keith M Godfrey, Zandra Deans, Angela Douglas, Sue Hill, Michael Kidd, Deborah Porter, Stephen P Kidd, Nicholas J Cortes, Veronica Fowler, Tony Williams, Alex Richter, Andrew D Beggs.

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