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Nanopore sequencing offers advantages in all areas of research. Our offering includes DNA sequencing, as well as RNA and gene expression analysis and future technology for analysing proteins.

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Chromosome-level genome assembly of a benthic associated Syngnathiformes species: the common dragonet, Callionymus lyra


Date: 9th September 2020 | Source: BioRxiv

Authors: Sven Winter, Stefan Prost, Jordi de Raad, Raphael T. F. Coimbra, Magnus Wolf, Marcel Nebenführ, Annika Held, Melina Kurzawe, Ramona Papapostolou, Jade Tessien, Julian Bludau, Andreas Kelch, Sarah Gronefeld, Yannis Schöneberg, Christian Zeitz, Konstantin Zapf, David Prochotta, Maximilian Murphy, Monica M. Sheffer, Moritz Sonnewald, Maria A. Nilsson, Axel Janke.

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