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Nanopore sequencing offers advantages in all areas of research. Our offering includes DNA sequencing, as well as RNA and gene expression analysis and future technology for analysing proteins.

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MinION GridION PromethION Flongle VolTRAX
Adapting MinION and GridION for smaller, frequent, rapid tests and analyses

Adapting MinION and GridION for smaller, frequent, rapid tests and analyses

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Cost effective

$90 per flow cell

Cost-efficient sequencing of smaller assays


Compatible with all MinION and GridION devices

Up to 2 Gb

Real-time sequencing data

Why Flongle?


Flongle is an adapter for MinION or GridION that enables direct, real-time DNA sequencing, or cDNA sequencing on smaller, single-use flow cells.

Cost effective

Costing just $90 per flow cell, Flongle is the quickest, most accessible solution for smaller tests and experiments.

Real-time data

Immediate access to data for rapid, actionable results.

On demand

Run single samples on demand instead of multiplexing.

Quality assessment

Rapidly assess sample quality prior to starting a larger sequencing experiment.

Complete genomic and epigenomic characterisation of targeted cancer genes

Researchers utilise CRISPR/Cas9-based enrichment with MinION and Flongle to characterise SNVs, SVs, methylation, and allelic phasing in 10 cancer-associated loci.

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Rapid, high-resolution HLA genotyping

Discover how Flongle supported two-field typing of 11 HLA loci in just 4 hours.

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Fast and cost-efficient enterovirus genotyping from clinical research samples

Researchers utilise Flongle and sample multiplexing to develop a rapid, low-cost assay for accurate enterovirus identification.

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  • Size: W 105, H 23, D 8 mm
  • Weight: 20 g

Read length

Nanopores read the length of DNA or RNA presented to them — from short to ultra-long (longest >4 Mb)

Up to 2 Gb yield

  • Suitable for smaller assays
  • Multiplexing options available

Suitable applications include

  • Amplicons
  • Panels/targeted sequencing
  • Quality testing
  • Small sequencing tests

On demand

Sequence single samples on demand or barcode for even more cost-effective analyses


Starter Packs from $1,460, including Flongle adapter and 12 flow cells

Simple workflow



Extract nucleic acid from your sample and prepare it for sequencing



Sequence your library on a device that suits your needs



Analyse your data from as soon as you start sequencing


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