Data analysis for all levels of expertise.
EPI2ME enables anyone to analyse their own data.

EPI2ME: an open-analysis platform

  • Standalone desktop application
  • Prepackaged with >15 open-source workflows (Nextflow framework)
  • Compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux
  • Install on laptop, desktop computer, cluster or cloud service, PromethION, or GridION
  • Free access from the intuitive interface or the command line
  • Run locally or in the cloud*

*Cloud functionality currently in Closed Early Access (register your interest)

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Screenshots of the EPI2ME software

One platform — comprehensive analysis

A full suite of data analysis workflows for a wide range of applications.

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Comprehensive resources

Discover how to analyse your data quickly and efficiently with our detailed support information.

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Bioinformatics blog

Keep up to date with the latest EPI2ME news, events, and discussion with our regular series of analysis articles. Plus, discover some of the interesting things you can do with EPI2ME in our how to articles.

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How to articles

Short informative articles on how to make the most of your EPI2ME analyses.

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Analysis articles

The latest news, events, and discussion from our bioinformatics experts.

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Data releases

Open data releases from Oxford Nanopore.