Campus Heymans Ottergemsesteenweg 460 Ghent, Flanders, Belgium
Tel:+32 478 46 45 43
nanopore Service Certified
Certified for
  • DNA
  • RNA
  • GridION
Techniques offered:
  • DNA and RNA isolation
  • De novo genome assembly
  • Targeted sequencing (both PCR, hybrid-capture and Cas9 based enrichment)
  • PCR-cDNA, direct cDNA and direct RNA transcriptomics.
  • Direct DNA/RNA sequencing (with focus on epigenetics)
  • Ribosome Profiling (RIBO-seq)
  • Custom analysis
  • Very strong in bioinformatics solutions (together with our partner BioLizard).
Areas of research offered:
  • Clinical diagnostics
  • Epigenetics (DNA and RNA)
  • Microbiome analysis (typing/identification and metagenomics)
  • Clinical and disease (cancer) research
  • Plant and Animal research
  • Translational research (RIBO-seq)