Compatible products

  • Product title:
    Twist Alliance Long-Read PGx Panel
    Product description:
    The Twist Alliance Long-Read PGx Panel captures target regions in a cost-effective and high throughput manner. 49 genes are targeted (2 Mb), all of which are critical to drug metabolism and patient therapeutic response, including CYP2D6, HLA-A, HLA-B.
    Compatible Oxford Nanopore products:

    PromethION Flow Cell R10 (FLO-PRO114M),

    PromethION 24 (PRO-SEQ024),

    PromethION 48 (PRO-SEQ048),

    P2 Solo (PRO-SEQ002)

    Specific use application:
    Library preparation & target enrichment, Pharmacogenomics

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Full CYP2D6 and pharmacogene resolution with Oxford Nanopore long reads