Compatible products

  • Product title:
    Fabric GEM
    Product description:
    Fabric Genomics has developed a scalable software solution for the end-to-end analysis and clinical reporting of nanopore sequencing data. Initial applications will focus on the comprehensive analysis of whole genomes in paediatric and neonatal intensive care (NICU/PICU) settings, where the need is acute, and time matters most. In this setting, the platform supports the characterisation of rare disease in babies and children. This “one-click” integrated solution will combine the Fabric Enterprise v3 (FE3) and Oxford Nanopore’s EPI2ME workflows for complete genomic characterisation. FE3 provides AI-based candidate scoring and prioritisation for small variants (SNV, indels) and structural variants (SVs). In addition to software, Fabric Genomics also offers genome interpretation services to Oxford Nanopore customers as an option for those that may need access to third-party genome interpretation expertise.
    Compatible Oxford Nanopore products:

    PromethION Flow Cell R10 (FLO-PRO114M),

    PromethION 24 (PRO-SEQ024),

    PromethION 48 (PRO-SEQ048),

    P2 Solo (PRO-SEQ002)

    Specific use application:
    Rare & undiagnosed diseases