Comprehensive analysis of human variants and cancer genomes with multi-omic nanopore sequencing

February 29, 2024, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Webinar overview

Widespread genomic aberrations are a hallmark of many cancer types. Despite their contribution to oncogenesis, the identification of complex driver events such as structural variants (SVs) in cancer remains challenging. During this webinar Mikhail Kolmogorov, (Tenure-Track Stadtman Investigator, National Cancer Institute) will present how he developed an efficient and scalable workflow that generates state-of-the art small variant calls, structural variant calls and de novo assemblies from a single PromethION Flow Cell. Then, Etienne Raimondeau (Technical Product Manager, Oxford Nanopore Technologies) will share a comprehensive overview of simple and efficient end-to-end human workflows for nanopore sequencing.

Webinar attendees will learn how to:

  • Access new genomic and transcriptomic information
  • Detect SVs and methylation, to perform de novo assembly
  • Optimise performance and complete sequencing in a timely manner

Please note, this webinar will be broadcast at 3pm (GMT)/ 10am (EST)

Meet the speakers

picture of Mikhail Kolmogorov

Napu and Severus: accurate and complete germline and somatic structural variation calling

Mikhail Kolmogorov, Tenure-Track Stadtman Investigator, National Cancer Institute

Before joining the Cancer Data Science Laboratory in January 2022, Mikhail was a postdoctoral fellow...

picture of Pascal Laurent

Pascal Laurent, Commercial Marketing Manager, CSP & Core Lab Programmes, Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Pascal Laurent heads up the Core Lab and CSP Programme in EMEAI and APAC. ...

picture of Dr. Etienne Raimondeau

Accelerating clinical research with streamlined end-to-end protocols for nanopore sequencing

Dr. Etienne Raimondeau, Technical Product Manager, Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Etienne Raimondeau is a Technical Product Manager within the Product Management team at Oxford Nanop...