NCM 2023 Singapore

September 27 2023, 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM SST


Join us at the Nanopore Community Meeting 2023: Singapore to hear from a fantastic line up of speakers who are using nanopore technology to gain new insights across a broad range of research areas. You’ll also have the opportunity to get hands-on with the technology, hear the latest from the Oxford Nanopore team, and of course network with other members of the Nanopore Community.

The Nanopore Community Meeting features plenary talks, breakout sessions, lightning presentations, posters, networking and more.

Please note that this event is taking place in-person only.


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Tickets are now available for this one-day event. You also have the option, during registration, to add a place at the Data Analysis workshop, taking place on Tuesday 26th September.

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All prices are in USD. This event is an in-person event.

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Location: W Singapore - Sentosa Cove, 21 Ocean Way, Singapore 098374

Confirmed speakers

picture of Thidathip Wongsurawat

Ten case studies on the recent applications of nanopore sequencing in Thailand

Thidathip Wongsurawat, Siriraj Long-read Lab, Mahidol University


picture of Danny E. Miller

The 1000 Genomes Project Oxford Nanopore Sequencing Consortium: expanding our understanding of human genetic variation

Danny E. Miller, University of Washington


picture of Quentin Gouil

Measuring skewed X inactivation by adaptive nanopore sequencing

Quentin Gouil, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research


picture of Jonathan Göke

Identification of m6A RNA modifications at single molecule resolution using nanopore direct RNA-Seq data

Jonathan Göke, Genome Institute of Singapore


picture of Genta Nagae

Direct detection of DNA modifications in human cancer genomes

Genta Nagae, The University of Tokyo


picture of Kai Ye

Novel algorithms for long read analysis and applications

Kai Ye, Xi'an Jiaotong University


picture of Ji Wang

Nanopore sequencing's applications and history in helping China's CDC system

Ji Wang, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention


picture of Stephanie Yu

Long cell-free DNA: the beginning of a new era in liquid biopsy

Stephanie Yu, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


picture of Nadia Davidson

Improving long-read single cell transcriptomics with Flexiplex: a noise-tolerant sequence search and demultiplexing tool

Nadia Davidson, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research


picture of Ruyue Liu

Identification of YFV-17D human-adaptive mutations with nanopore direct RNA sequencing

Ruyue Liu, National University of Singapore


picture of Dan Turner

Update from the Applications Team

Dan Turner, Oxford Nanopore Technologies


picture of Rosemary Sinclair Dokos

Update from Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Rosemary Sinclair Dokos, Oxford Nanopore Technologies


picture of Anita Suresh

Seq & Treat: targeted sequencing to detect drug-resistant TB and inform treatment

Anita Suresh, FIND


picture of Min Wang

Using Nanopore Selective Sequencing to Segregate Bi-Allelic Variants in Individuals with Rare Diseases and Prove de novo Status of Variants in Family Duos

Min Wang, Murdoch Children's Research Institute


picture of Erik Karlsson

Advances in rapid, accurate, field-forward sequencing to respond to avian influenza virus at the animal-human interface

Erik Karlsson, Institut Pasteur du Cambodge


picture of Yue Wan

Detecting RNA structures using nanopore sequencing

Yue Wan, Genome Institute of Singapore


picture of Ashley Jones

Exploring post-transcriptional modifications during myrtle rust pathogen-plant interactions

Ashley Jones, The Australian National University


picture of Marjan Naeini

Investigating structural variations and complex cancer genomes using Oxford Nanopore sequencing

Marjan Naeini, Garvan Institute of Medical Research


picture of Hardip Patel

Australia's National Centre for Indigenous Genomics: enabling the inclusion of First Nations peoples in genomics

Hardip Patel, The Australian National University


picture of Manop Pithukpakorn

Genomics Thailand: a mission to integrate genomic technology into the national health system

Manop Pithukpakorn, Siriraj Genomics


picture of Elizabeth Ross

Revolutionizing agriculture: harnessing the power of nanopore sequencing in genomics

Elizabeth Ross, University of Queensland


picture of Gordon Sanghera

Welcome to the Nanopore Community Meeting 2023

Gordon Sanghera, Oxford Nanopore Technologies


picture of Fritz Sedlazeck

Comprehensive structural and copy number variant detection: from mosaic to population-level

Fritz Sedlazeck, Baylor College of Medicine & Rice University


picture of Jianjun Liu

Redefining telomere-to-telomere genome assembly strategy using the Oxford Nanopore platform

Jianjun Liu, Genome Institute of Singapore



At the Nanopore Community Meeting in Singapore, we are running a pre-conference workshop, which is available exclusively to delegates attending the conference in-person. The workshop will take place in Singapore, on Tuesday 26th September.

From single cells to whole genomes: nanopore data analysis workshop

In this one-day practical workshop, attendees will be introduced to Oxford Nanopore's EPI2ME Labs workflows for single-cell transcriptomics (sockeye), whole human genome genetic variation (fast turnaround with SNP, SV, 5mC CpG and aneuploidy) and metagenomics.

You will be required to bring a laptop you can connect to the internet and access a web browser with to this workshop.

Register now to attend the workshop and Nanopore Community Meeting.

Start Finish From single cells to whole genomes: nanopopre data analysis
8:30 09:00 Breakfast and registration
09:00 10:15 Introduction to Oxford Nanopore data and analysis solutions
10:15 10:30 Coffee break
10:30 11:30 EPi2ME cloud and local analysis
11:30 13:00 Human variation (+ methylation) analysis practical
13:00 14:00 Networking lunch
14:00 15:00 Single-cell practical
15:00 15:30 Coffee break
15:30 16:30 Metagenomics practical
16:30 17:00 Community and application resources
17:00 18:30 Networking event