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We aspire to hire the brightest and most inquisitive minds to drive our technology forward and bring the widest benefits to society through enabling the analysis of anything, by anyone, anywhere. Whilst some of the team have worked for decades on their expertise subject, Oxford Nanopore has a strong focus on hiring newly graduated scientists who are taking their first steps into the world of work — 40% of our workforce are aged 34 or younger.


We offer placements, of variable duration, to students at every stage of their undergraduate and postgraduate study — for example, those who are looking for a full year in industry or a shorter 3 - 9 month work placement.

Start dates are flexible and are determined at the offer stage, depending on the duration of the placement. You may apply to more than one area but should tailor the applications accordingly.

Our R&D Internships for 2024 are now filled. We will welcome new applications for 2025 when the process opens again in early December this year.

What is an early career at Oxford Nanopore like?

We interviewed six of our employees to hear about their journey into Oxford Nanopore, what the world of work was like for them versus their expectations, and the skills they have found most useful as part of their journey. Hear more about their stories below.

Early Career Advice

It can be an uncertain time when start thinking about your future direction. You may not even have a good idea of what that future will be – or what career options are available to you.

We asked nine of our colleagues who are either early in their career, or who have tried a few things out along the way, to provide an overview of their journey so far. Their expertise is split across traditional lab-based roles and those outside the lab as well. In these talks they cover:

  • Their educational and career journeys to date
  • What their role is
  • What their role involves
  • Their favourite thing about Oxford Nanopore
  • A piece of advice that has stood them in good stead

James, Regulated Applied Development Scientist

"Obstacles are opportunities"

Tash, Product Management Operations

"Only you can define what success looks like"

Sai, Development Scientist

"Embrace your fear"

Rosie, Inside Sales Account Manager

"Forget the norms, follow your heart"

Valdemar, Technical Applications Scientist

"Knock on as many doors as you can"

Callum, Development Scientist

"Do a ski season!"

Marta, Software Developer

"You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!"

Simon, UX Designer

"It's okay not to know what you want to do"

Ashe, Sequencing Chemistry Scientist

"Listen to your confident self"

Work Experience

Our short placements for local school students in years 10-13 prove very popular every year, and it’s important for us to create the best possible experiences.

As a result, we have to limit the opportunities we offer. With established partnerships, and a strong network, speculative applications are regrettably unlikely to be successful at this time in our company’s growth.

We invite you to look inside our organisation through the career talks and interviews available on this page. We hope they offer useful insight and inspire you to return here soon to explore future opportunities with us.

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