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Nanopore sequencing offers advantages in all areas of research. Our offering includes DNA sequencing, as well as RNA and gene expression analysis and future technology for analysing proteins.

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Oxford Nanopore to present DNA 'strand sequencing' at AGBT conference; commercialise directly in 2012

1st February 2012

Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd. announces that Clive G Brown, Chief Technology Officer, will present at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) conference in Marco Island, ...

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Oxford Nanopore congratulates collaborator Professor Mark Akeson on $3.6 million NHGRI grant.

23rd August 2011

- award to Professor Mark Akeson and collaborators will support research into DNA ‘Strand Sequencing’ using a protein nanopore - Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd. is pleased to congratu...

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Oxford Nanopore expands Oxford headquarters and opens new informatics outstation in Cambridge, UK

21st July 2011

Oxford Nanopore Technologies, Ltd announces the expansion of its Oxford headquarters and the opening of a new Oxford Nanopore informatics outstation in Cambridge, UK. These new premises ...

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Oxford Nanopore appoints Peter Allen as Non-Executive Director

27th June 2011

Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Allen ACA to its board. Peter Allen joins the board of Oxford Nanopore as non executive Director with bro...

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Oxford Nanopore Technologies announces £25 million ($41 million) fundraising

26th April 2011

- Proceeds will fund the Company’s technology for nanopore DNA sequencing, protein analysis and solid-state nanopore R&D - Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd., the UK-based developers...

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Accelrys and Oxford Nanopore Enter Software Partnership for DNA Sequencing Data Analysis

16th March 2011

Accelrys, Inc (NASDAQ:ACCL), a leading scientific enterprise R&D software and services company, today announced the signing of a partnership agreement with Oxford Nanopore Technologie...

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Oxford Nanopore announces licence agreement with Harvard University for graphene DNA sequencing

11th March 2011

Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd ("Oxford Nanopore") today announced an exclusive agreement with Harvard University's Office of Technology Development ("Harvard") for the development of g...

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JACS paper demonstrates molecular motor for DNA strand sequencing

2nd December 2010

JACS paper demonstrates continuous and controlled translocation of DNA polymer through a nanopore by phi29 DNA polymerase - fine control of DNA translocation is essential component of na...

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Nature Nanotechnology paper demonstrates enzyme controlled movement of ssDNA through nanopore

27th September 2010

Nature Nanotechnology paper shows enzyme-controlled movement of DNA polymer through a nanopore - research demonstrates progress towards DNA strand sequencing - Santa Cruz, CA, USA and O...

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Oxford Nanopore congratulates Professor Reza Ghadiri and collaborators on $5.1 million NHGRI grant

14th September 2010

-award will support research into sequencing of single stranded DNA using a protein nanopore- 14 September 2010, Oxford, UK. Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd is pleased to congratulate P...

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Oxford Nanopore strengthens collaboration with University of Oxford

14th September 2010

Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd is pleased to announce a new agreement to strengthen the Company’s collaboration with the University of Oxford. The Company will fund research in the lab...

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Oxford Nanopore raises £17.4 million ($28 million)

1st February 2010

- proceeds to fund further development of platform technology, for DNA sequencing and initial work in protein analysis - 1st February 2010, Oxford, UK. Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd....

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Oxford Nanopore collaborators win $1.8 million in NIH grants

14th October 2009

Oxford Nanopore Technologies congratulates our collaborators Professor Mark Akeson and Professor David Deamer of the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) on receiving a grant of $1...

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Science Minister Lord Drayson opens new Oxford Nanopore facility

8th July 2009

Lord Drayson inaugurates new Oxford Nanopore facility at The Oxford Science Park Oxford Nanopore Technology’s new building was officially opened by Science and Innovation Minister Lord D...

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Professor Hagan Bayley named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Royal Society of Chemistry

24th April 2009

Professor Hagan Bayley, Professor of Chemical Biology at the University of Oxford, was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Royal Society of Chemistry at last night’s Industry and Techno...

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Landmark DNA analysis paper published in Nature Nanotechnology

23rd February 2009

Oxford Nanopore announces publication of landmark DNA analysis paper: Nanopores accurately identify normal and methylated DNA bases 23rd February 2009, Oxford, UK. Oxford Nanopore Tech...

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Oxford Nanopore and Illumina Announce Strategic Alliance

12th January 2009

note: Technology referred to as BASE sequencing in this press release has since been referred to as 'exonuclease sequencing' (see 'about Oxford Nanopore Technologies' below). Illumina an...

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Oxford Nanopore Raises £13.9 million (£11.8 million Illumina, £2.1 million private investment)

12th January 2009

Oxford Nanopore Technologies announces that it has raised a total of £13.9 million, through an agreement with Illumina ($18 million / £11.8 million) and a private investment (£2.1 million...

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Oxford Nanopore Technologies announces participation in €12m READNA project

3rd December 2008

Oxford Nanopore Technologies (“Oxford Nanopore”) today announced its participation in the Revolutionary Approaches and Devices for Nucleic Acid analysis project (READNA). The newly-launc...

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Oxford Nanopore announces Advisory Board, UCSC agreement

19th August 2008

Oxford Nanopore Technologies Announces License Agreement with University of California, Santa Cruz, and formation of Technology Advisory Board August 19th 2008, Oxford, UK. Oxford Nanopo...

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Oxford Nanopore and Harvard University agreement

5th August 2008

Harvard University and Oxford Nanopore Technologies Announce Licence Agreement to Advance Nanopore DNA Sequencing and other Applications August 5, 2008 Cambridge, Mass., USA, Oxford, UK....

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Appointments: Dr John Milton and Clive G. Brown

9th June 2008

Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd ("Oxford Nanopore") today announces the appointment of Dr John Milton as Director of Nanopore Chemistry and Clive G. Brown as Director of Bioinformatics a...

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Oxford NanoLabs becomes Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd

21st May 2008

Oxford NanoLabs, the UK-based technology company, today became Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd ("Oxford Nanopore"). The new name reflects the Company's goal of developing nanopore techno...

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Oxford NanoLabs Ltd secures £10m investment

28th March 2008

Note: Oxford NanoLabs changed its name to Oxford Nanopore Technologies in May 2008. 28 March 2008, Oxford, UK. Oxford NanoLabs Ltd announces that it has secured £10m ($20.1m) in new inve...

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