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Oxford Nanopore at ASHG 2017

18th October 2017

Since ASHG last year, the MinION has been used to sequence human genomes (and also large plant genomes), the higher-throughput GridION and PromethION have emerged, new direct RNA and cDNA sequencing...

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WuXi NextCode: 药明明码全球基因大数据平台引入Oxford Nanopore测序技术

18th October 2017

药明明码全球基因大数据平台引入Oxford Nanopore测序技术 English version WuXi NextCODE Integrates Oxford Nanopore into the Global Platform for Genomic Data. 科研人员及临床专家可在药明明码中国领先的综合性CLIA/CAP双认证实验室中体验长读长、以及实时的DNA和RNA...

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Oxford Nanopore starts developer programme to trial new enrichment methods for real time nanopore sequencing

17th October 2017

Oxford Nanopore is developing target enrichment processes for the nanopore sequencing platform, based on the CRISPR/Cas9 system. When coupled with real-time nanopore DNA analysis, these techniques a...

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China welcomes Oxford Nanopore technology 中国市场喜迎牛津纳米孔技术

12th October 2017

中文版 October 2017: Oxford Nanopore sequencing technology is now available in China. The long-read, real-time, portable MinION sequencer is now being used by researchers across China, who are work...

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Response from Oxford Nanopore Inc. to new lawsuit from PacBio

29th September 2017

Oxford Nanopore Inc. responds to the recent lawsuit by PacBio as follows: “PacBio is suing us on patents which they don’t use. We consider it a meritless suit and anti-competitive patent trolling”....

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New basecaller now performs ‘raw basecalling’, for improved sequencing accuracy

4th September 2017

Oxford Nanopore has released a new basecaller, Albacore v2.0.1, that identifies DNA sequences directly from raw data, rather than utilising an intermediary stage called ‘event detection’. This upgra...

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GridION X5 in the wild

17th August 2017

GridION X5 incorporates embedded compute with the ability to sequence 1-5 Flow Cells, on demand. Announce in March, it is now in labs across the world. Hear from the researchers about their GridIONs...

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Oxford Nanopore launches cDNA analysis, for full length transcripts

26th June 2017

Oxford Nanopore has today launched two new sequencing kits, for direct or PCR cDNA analysis. This means that nanopore technology can now be used for a full range of RNA analyses, including: Direc...

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Nature paper shows power of genomic surveillance of Zika

25th May 2017

Data published in Nature this week shows the power of genomic surveillance of outbreaks. Researchers from the UK worked with Brazilian teams, travelling through north-east Brazil using the MinION d...

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CEO Gordon Sanghera on Innovation and the future of diagnostics

15th May 2017

At the recent London Calling talk, Gordon Sanghera opened the second day of the conference with views on how a company should approach disruptive technology development and innovation. He also spok...

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Clive Brown, CTO, gives a technology update at London Calling

10th May 2017

London Calling 2017 is now concluded. 400 scientists convened from all over the world to share science and ideas on how to use nanopore sequencing. You can read updates from the speaker talks here f...

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1D squared kit available in the store: boost accuracy, simple prep

9th May 2017

1D2 is a new method of nanopore sequencing: a strand of DNA is sequenced, followed by the complementary strand. It gives a boost in accuracy over the 1D method but retains the simplicity of library ...

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London Calling 2017: Day 2 updates

5th May 2017

Plenary: Nick Loman The first plenary lecture of the morning was from Nick Loman who works in the Institute for Microbiology and Infection at the University of Birmingham. Nick started the presen...

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London Calling 2017: Day 1 updates

4th May 2017

It's been a long day at Old Billingsgate in London, where 400 people gathered from 25 countries to share their experiences of nanopore sequencing. Other talk summaries, in brief: Plenary: Karen ...

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Oxford Nanopore launches analysis workflow for antimicrobial resistance

24th April 2017

Oxford Nanopore has launched a new analytical workflow for use with its real time nanopore sequencing devices. ‘ARMA’ allows characterisation of antimicrobial resistance genes in real time. The mov...

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Oxford Nanopore initiates legal proceedings against Pacific Biosciences

21st April 2017

On Friday 21st April 2017, Oxford Nanopore initiated its first legal proceedings in Europe against Pacific Biosciences* for infringement of EP1192453, which Oxford Nanopore has an exclusive right to...

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Direct RNA sequencing with nanopore opens up to more users

19th April 2017

Nanopore technology is the only available sequencing technology that can sequence RNA directly, rather than depending on reverse transcription and PCR. It is also increasingly being used for the ana...

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Oxford Nanopore responds to new, meritless lawsuit, delivered by PacBio one day after GridION launch.

20th March 2017

“It's another pore excuse for a lawsuit," said Dr Gordon Sanghera, CEO. " We believe this is another frivolous lawsuit brought by a competitor nervous about our superior technology. I would like to ...

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Introducing GridION X5

14th March 2017

Today we announced the launch of the GridION X5, a new system that can drive up to five MinION Flow Cells and process all the data produced within a single benchtop device. GridION X5 can be used to...

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MinION software (MinKNOW) upgraded to enable increased data yield, other benefits

16th February 2017

An upgrade of the MinION software, MinKNOW, has been released to the nanopore community. MinKNOW 1.4.2 provides several improvements and new features: Experiment control parameters have been opt...

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Response to UK Pacific Biosciences suit

3rd February 2017

Oxford Nanopore Technologies, the UK-based company that sells the only nanopore sequencing device, the MinION portable DNA sequencer and is now releasing the high throughput/high sample number Prome...

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Sequence from as little as 10pg starting material

27th January 2017

We have made available to our user community a new library preparation protocol for DNA sequencing using Whole Genome Amplification. It is designed to help users who have a very low amount of starti...

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Oxford Nanopore announces £100M / $126M fundraising

12th December 2016

12th December 2016, Oxford, UK. Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd, the UK-based technology company that has designed and sells the world’s only portable DNA/RNA sequencer, has raised £100 million ($...

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In Brief: Oxford Nanopore updates at the Nanopore Community meeting in New York

2nd December 2016

It has been a busy week in New York. Presentations will be released soon, but in the meantime you can review updates by following #nanoporeconf on social media or the updates here on the news page. ...

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Update from Day 2 of the Nanopore Community Meeting in New York: Cas9 enrichment, long reads in transcriptomics, fungal pathogen outbreak surveillance, more

2nd December 2016

The 200 attendees returned after a busy Day 1 to a day of plenaries, breakouts and discussions. Dr. Andy Heron, Oxford Nanopore's Director of Advanced Research, told us about the progress they've...

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