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RNA sequencing transformed: Oxford Nanopore introduces new cDNA Sequencing Kits

4th February 2019

New generation direct cDNA and PCR-cDNA 109 Kits provide full-length cDNA transcripts at high yields. Oxford Nanopore has launched new ‘109’ cDNA Kits for its real-time, scalable sequencing technol...

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Interview: The SG-NEx project: nanopore long-read RNA-sequencing of human cancer cell lines

31st January 2019

Webinar date: Thursday 28th February (pre-recorded on 21st February) Time: 12pm EST/5pm GMT/9am PST Speaker: Jonathan Göke, Genome Institute of Singapore (A*STAR) Jonathan Göke is a Principal ...

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Interview: Transcriptome of an agricultural pest delineated by Oxford Nanopore RNA-Seq

25th January 2019

Webinar date: Thursday 14th February Time: 12pm EST/5pm GMT/9am PST Speaker: Anthony Bayega, McGill University, Canada Anthony Bayega is currently completing a PhD at McGill University in Canada,...

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PromethION 24 and PromethION 48 now available

24th January 2019

We are pleased to announce that PromethION 24 and PromethION 48 are now available to order in the nanopore store. PromethION offers high throughput, long-read, real-time, direct nanopore sequencing ...

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Oxford Nanopore prevails in patent ruling against Pacific Biosciences

22nd January 2019

Today the European Patent Office revoked Pacific Biosciences patent EP3045542 with claims to a single molecule sequencing process wherein two strands of DNA are linked by a connecting nucleic acid. ...

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‘Field Kit’ launched by Oxford Nanopore, enabling shipping and storage of sequencing preparation kits without reliance on cold chain

16th January 2019

Our goal is to enable the analysis of any living thing, by any person, in any environment. As part of that process we want to make it easier to send consumables and perform experiments in any locat...

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18 highlights from 2018 (and a New Year quiz)

31st December 2018

Last week, as the year was coming to a close, we were discussing some of our highlights of 2018. It made us realise how much breakthrough science has come out of the nanopore community this year. ...

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Clive G Brown: Nanopore Community Meeting 2018 talk

29th November 2018

Clive G Brown, CTO of Oxford Nanopore, gave a tech update talk at the Nanopore Community Meeting. You can watch the talk here, or digest the tweets, including links and pictures here. Clive ga...

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Nanopore Community Meeting 2018 - Day 2 writeup

29th November 2018

Plenary: Michael Schatz Opening day 2 of the Nanopore Community Meeting 2018, Michael Schatz, Bloomberg Distinguished Associate Professor of Computer Science and Biology at Johns Hopkins Universi...

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Nanopore Community Meeting 2018 - Day 1 writeup

28th November 2018

After the conclusion of the action from day one of the Nanopore Community Meeting 2018 in San Francisco, here's a detailed roundup of the talks! For more information on the talk by Oxford Nanopor...

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Interview: Genome Insights enabling crop innovation using PromethION

13th November 2018

Date: Tuesday 20th November Time: 3pm GMT Speaker: Alexander Wittenberg, KeyGene After completing his PhD at the Lab of Plant Breeding in 2007, Alexander Wittenberg joined KeyGene, a leading crop...

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Interview: Maize genome complexity traversed with Oxford Nanopore Technology

5th November 2018

Frontline Genomics Webinar Date: Thursday 8th November Time: 10am PST/1pm EST/6pm GMT Speaker: Todd P. Michael, PhD, Professor and Director of Informatics, JCVI Todd Michael is Professor and Dir...

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Nanopore Community Meeting (28-29 Nov) will feature talks from CTO Clive G. Brown, 50 users of nanopore sequencing. Get your ticket now!

2nd November 2018

The 4th Nanopore Community meeting will be held 28-29 November in San Francisco, with a workshop on 27th November. Browse the agenda and book your place. What to expect Nanopore technology update...

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Oxford Nanopore evening seminar at American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG): brief summary

22nd October 2018

At this year's ASHG, nanopore data was presented in a total of 26 talks/posters, read this ASHG guide for more information. In the evening, Oxford Nanopore hosted a seminar and gave a technical upd...

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Amgen invests £50 million ($66 million) in Oxford Nanopore Technologies

18th October 2018

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. and OXFORD, England (Oct. 18, 2018). Amgen (NASDAQ:AMGN) and Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd. today announced Amgen’s equity investment of £50 million ($66 million) in Oxford ...

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ASHG: An Oxford Nanopore guide to ASHG

16th October 2018

If you are in San Diego at this week's ASHG meeting, please come and visit us at booth 435. We will have PromethION, GridION and MinION on display and a range of technology and application experts ...

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MinIT is out - an analysis and device control accessory to enable powerful, real-time DNA/RNA sequencing by anyone, anywhere

10th October 2018

MinIT, a rapid analysis and device control accessory for nanopore DNA sequencing, is now arriving with genomics researchers. Scientists will use it to run the MinION DNA/RNA sequencer, opening up ...

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Interview: Human genome sequencing on PromethION: characterisation of structural variants and repetitive regions

9th October 2018

Frontline Genomics Webinar Date: Thursday 11th October Time: 4pm BST/5pm CEST Speakers: Arne De Roeck & Wouter De Coster Arne De Roeck and Wouter De Coster are currently completing t...

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Oxford Nanopore releases ‘Rev D’ flow cells, enabling increase in data yields

5th October 2018

Oxford Nanopore has released a new version of MinION and GridION flow cells that include the new ‘Rev D’ ASIC. The new release extends the amount of time that flow cells can be used for DNA sequen...

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International Space Station update: direct RNA sequencing in space

30th August 2018

Photo (composite) courtesy of NASA Johnson Space Center This week, for the first time, direct RNA sequencing (mapping the order of bases on a native strand of RNA) has been successfully carried out...

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PromethION in the wild 2: data yield continues to climb

9th August 2018

PromethION, Oxford Nanopore’s highest throughput sequencing device, became commercially available after an early access phase, in May 2018. Since then users have been ramping up their efforts to set...

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GrandOmics becomes the first certified PromethION service provider in China 

2nd July 2018

GrandOmics, a company based in China, has become the first in China and the second in the world to be certified to provide PromethION DNA sequencing services using Nanopore technology. GrandOmics a...

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Clive G Brown: CTO plenary from London Calling

30th May 2018

In May 2018, 600 people gathered at Old Billingsgate in London to share their experiences of nanopore sequencing. Clive G Brown, CTO of Oxford Nanopore, gave a plenary that described recent advances...

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London Calling: Day 2 (afternoon) writeups

27th May 2018

A blog summarising presentations from the London Calling Conference, May 2018. Thanks for visiting our writeup page. We'll continue to update it over the coming days so please check back soon! Pl...

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London Calling: Day 2 (morning) writeups

25th May 2018

Thanks for visiting this page - please come back soon as we will continue to load content throughout the day Day 2 of London Calling was opened by CEO Gordon Sanghera, who showed Matt Loose's entir...

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