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Nanopore sequencing offers advantages in all areas of research. Our offering includes DNA sequencing, as well as RNA and gene expression analysis and future technology for analysing proteins.

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Oxford Nanopore supports COVID-19 pandemic: epidemiology and research

21st May 2020

Please visit our updated COVID mini-site Oxford Nanopore is working with public health laboratories around the world, and researchers in related areas, to support the current COVID-19 pa...

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MinION Mk1C now in-field, for COVID-19 and beyond

19th May 2020

From COVID-19 research and epidemiology to plant genomics, analysis of eDNA to whole genome sequencing, the applications of MinION Mk1C are now being thoroughly explored by the Nanopore C...

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Interview: Nanopore sequencing: the missing puzzle piece in molecular identification

11th May 2020

Ahmed Abd El Wahed is a scientist at the Institute of Animal Hygiene, University of Leipzig, and established a mobile suitcase laboratory for the rapid detection of viruses, bacteria an...

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Blog: PuntSeq - Portable nanopore sequencing of freshwater metagenomes

17th April 2020

In this blog, Lara Urban discusses the importance of freshwater microbial monitoring, and the founding of PuntSeq – a citizen science effort centred around using nanopore sequencing techn...

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Blog: Metagenomic sequencing: which assembly method is best?

7th April 2020

In this blog, Adriel Latorre-Perez shares his work on comparing methods for assembling metagenomes from nanopore sequencing data, and he provides recommendations on the best tools to use ...

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As China gets back to work, Novogene announces scaling of sequencing services on Oxford Nanopore PromethION

30th March 2020

As researchers from the broad scientific community in China are able to resume their research, Novogene, the global genome sequencing service provider, has announced that it will be scali...

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UK creates COVID-19 genome sequencing alliance for large scale analysis of the virus; Oxford Nanopore sequencing technology supports rapid sequencing capabilities in the network

23rd March 2020

The UK has formed a genome sequencing alliance, to enable rapid, broad, large-scale sequencing analysis of samples from patients testing positive for COVID-19. The network aims to sequenc...

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Jury invalidates PacBio’s patents in U.S. patent trial against Oxford Nanopore

18th March 2020

After more than one week of evidence, a federal jury in Delaware found in favour of Oxford Nanopore and invalidated all four patents asserted by Pacific Biosciences ("PacBio") in this lit...

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New research algorithms yield accuracy gains for nanopore sequencing

6th March 2020

Latest basecalling algorithms from Oxford Nanopore’s Research & Development teams show consistent improvement to raw, consensus and variant calling accuracies, with latest tools and m...

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NuProbe announces licensing deal with Oxford Nanopore, supporting highly sensitive variant analysis in cancer research

26th February 2020

Houston, US, Shanghai, China — NuProbe Global, a global molecular diagnostics company based in Shanghai, China and Houston, TX, has signed an agreement with Oxford Nanopore Technologies, ...

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Blog: Long reads reveal small-scale structural variations in an allo-tetraploid crop plant

25th February 2020

Harmeet Singh Chawla, from Justus Liebig University Giessen, discusses how he developed a pipeline using long nanopore reads to investigate genomic structural variation in the major crop ...

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ARTIC Network provides protocol for rapid, accurate sequencing of novel coronavirus (nCoV-2019): first genomes released

10th February 2020

When used with nanopore sequencing technology, the workflow can go from sample to genome within 8 hours On 5th February, the first nCoV-2019 genome was released, sequenced using methods ...

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Interview: Nanopore sequencing in plants: from greenhouse to genome

10th February 2020

Date: Tuesday 18th February Time: 3pm UK time Speaker: Maximilian Schmidt, RWTH Aachen University Maximillian Schmidt is currently completing a PhD at RWTH Aachen University where h...

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Towards real-time targeting, enrichment, or other sampling on nanopore sequencing devices, rather than in the sample prep: adaptive sampling for selective nanopore sequencing

3rd February 2020

Two new papers use real-time nanopore sequencing and the ‘Read Until’ API to show dynamic workflows for targeted sequencing without the need for upfront sample preparation. The papers des...

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200 Oxford Nanopore sequencers have left UK for China, to support rapid, near-sample coronavirus sequencing for outbreak surveillance

31st January 2020

Following extensive support of, and collaboration with, public health professionals in China, Oxford Nanopore has shipped an additional 200 MinION sequencers and related consumables to Ch...

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Blog: Plant genome hybrid assembly with MaSuRCA

15th January 2020

In the first of a new series of blogs from members of the Nanopore Community, Aleksey Zimin from Johns Hopkins University discusses his software MaSuRCA, which uses long nanopore reads to...

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R10.3: the newest nanopore for high accuracy nanopore sequencing – now available in store

13th January 2020

Latest chemistry retains the Q50 accuracy of R10 and provides increased throughput and capture, better raw read accuracy and compatibility with PromethION. Designed to improve on R10, wh...

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Oxford Nanopore appoints John O’Higgins to Board

10th January 2020

Oxford Nanopore is delighted to announce the appointment of John O’Higgins to its Board, as a Non-Executive Director. John was previously CEO of Spectris, the international productivit...

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Oxford Nanopore announces £109.5M ($144.5M) in investment and share sales

2nd January 2020

2 January 2020, Oxford, UK: Oxford Nanopore Technologies has raised £29.3M ($38.6M) in new capital and additionally facilitated the sale of £80.2M ($105.9) in secondary shares, resulting...

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19 highlights from 2019

31st December 2019

Dear all, It’s been another big year for us at Oxford Nanopore – we’ve been thinking a lot about growth. How do we continue to grow the performance of the technology, grow the volume ...

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Large-scale population genomics project announced by Department of Health in Abu Dhabi, using PromethION

10th December 2019

Today, a new, large-scale population genomics project was announced by the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The programme aims to improve the understanding of the genomics of i...

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Nanopore Community Meeting 2019: Day 2

6th December 2019

The second day of the Nanopore Community Meeting 2019 in New York was no less packed than the first, with tonnes of great talks from a huge range of speakers. Here are just a few of the h...

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NCM 2019 technology update from Clive Brown

6th December 2019

Introduction - Clive recaps on how nanopore sequencing works. Sequencing at scale (6:44) - PromethION is a new model for high throughput sequencing. Each of its 48 flow cells can be us...

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Nanopore Community Meeting 2019: Day 1

5th December 2019

The first day of Nanopore Community Meeting 2019 in New York has been a day packed full of talks. Videos and recordings of all the talks will be online soon, but for now, here are a few h...

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Nanopore Digest: 15th November 2019

22nd November 2019

Welcome to the Oxford Nanopore digest - a regular newsletter of updates from the nanopore community. You'll be able to find links to recent publications, presentations and other news. I...

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