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96 barcodes: Expanded PCR-free multiplexing capacity for lower cost per sample – now available in store

Thu 21st May 2020

Latest kit release provides 96 native barcodes for PCR-free sequencing, allowing higher numbers of samples to be run on a single flow cell - including for SARS-CoV-2 whole genome sequencing protocol.

The Native Barcoding Expansion (96) kit is available to purchase on the Store now here.

Oxford Nanopore provides direct sequencing of a nucleic acid molecule – either DNA or RNA – examining the native molecule instead of a copy, or via surrogate markers such as fluorescence. This direct sequencing avoids introducing biases, and leaves base modifications intact, giving even genome coverage. With native barcodes this PCR-free sequencing is preserved, allowing up to 96 samples to be sequenced at once on a single flow cell. Multiplexing more samples significantly lowers the cost per individual sample.