An annotated draft genome for the Andean bear, Tremarctos ornatus

The Andean bear is the only extant member of the Tremarctine subfamily and the only extant ursid species to inhabit South America. Here, we present an annotated de novo assembly of a nuclear genome from a captive-born female Andean bear, Mischief, generated using a combination of short and long DNA and RNA reads. Our final assembly has a length of 2.23 Gb, and a scaffold N50 of 21.12 Mb, contig N50 of 23.5 kb, and BUSCO score of 88%. The Andean bear genome will be a useful resource for exploring the complex phylogenetic history of extinct and extant bear species and for future population genetics studies of Andean bears.

Authors: Nedda F Saremi, Jonas Oppenheimer, Christopher Vollmers, Brendan O’Connell, Shard A Milne, Ashley Byrne, Li Yu, Oliver A Ryder, Richard E Green, Beth Shapiro