The Oxford Nanopore board includes non-executive directors and members of the executive team.

Chairman of the Board

Duncan Tatton-Brown

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Non-executive Director

John O'Higgins

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Non-executive director

Dr Guy Harmelin

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Non-executive Director

Adrian Hennah

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Chief Executive Officer

Dr Gordon Sanghera

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Chief Financial Officer

Nick Keher

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Chief Strategy Officer

Dr Spike Willcocks

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Non Executive Director

Kate Priestman

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Non-Executive Director

Dr Sarah Fortune

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Non-Executive Director

Dr Heather Preston

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Board Committees

Board Members Audit & Risk Committee Remuneration Committee Nomination Committee
Duncan Tatton-Brown Chairman of the board Attendee Chair
Dr Guy Harmelin Non-executive Director Member Member Member
Adrian Hennah Non-executive Director Chair Member
John O'Higgins Non-executive Director Member Member Member
Kate Priestman Non-executive Director Member Member
Dr Gordon Sanghera Chief Executive Officer Attendee Attendee Member
Nick Keher Chief Financial Officer Attendee Attendee
Dr Heather Preston Non-executive Director Member Member
Dr Sarah Fortune Non-executive Director Member Member