Developer devices coming 2023

About the MinION Mk1D​

Nanopore sensing technology has been successfully miniaturised into small, portable sequencers such as MinION and the MinION Mk1C with integrated compute.​

These hand-held devices can produce a significant amount of data which, until recently, required high specification laptops or integrated GPU capabilities (such as those in the MinION Mk1C) for data processing.​

As consumer tablets increase their processing capabilities with the launch of upgraded chip-sets, their specifications are getting increasingly close to that required to run and analyse a MinION.​

Consumer tablets are known for their simplicity, robustness and advanced connectivity with many brands now supporting 5G. Successfully pairing MinION technology with these will further drive the vision of Oxford Nanopore to enable anyone to sequence anything, anywhere.​

MinION Mk1D is designed to be an accessory with an integrated sequencer for tablet devices. Users will simply dock a recommended tablet into the MinION Mk1D, pair it, and initiate sequencing on a mobile app downloaded from an app store..​

The MinION Mk1D will be powered by the latest software innovations from Oxford Nanopore, enabling the running of data acquisition and analysis on these devices.​

​The MinION Mk1D is now in development. If you would like to be kept up to date please register your interest. Further details on specifications will be provided in 2023.

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