Bring streamlined genomics into your lab with ElysION, — the sample-to-answer automated sequencing solution. ElysION is the go-to choice for users seeking a hands-free, simplified genomic workflow that goes from raw sample to data analysis.

ElysION, previously known as TurBOT

Are you finding it difficult to implement genomic workflows into your lab? Have you considered what you are missing with your current genomics capabilities? The genomic landscape is evolving quickly. Now is a time to move towards smarter genomics.

We redefined genomics research with an automated, sample-to-answer workflow solution. ElysION goes beyond being a sequencing device; it integrates the entire genomic workflow — from sample preparation to sequencing and data analysis — into one seamless solution.

Experience the power of fully automated processes, enabling ultra-rich data generation with minimal hands-on time. ElysION’s versatility and comprehensive capabilities make it the ideal choice for any lab looking to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and throughput in their genomic research.

Comprehensive research application

This innovative solution is designed to streamline operations across a broad range of applications, including microbiology, clinical research, infectious diseases, environmental studies, and food testing. It allows to:

  • Efficiently identify species and analyse genetic diversity and predict antimicrobial resistance
  • Simplify plasmid verification and clone validation processes
  • Explore complex microbial communities and their functions
  • Perform comprehensive transcriptomic analyses

ElysION is engineered to meet diverse research needs across various scientific disciplines, making it a versatile and invaluable tool.

Discover ElysION

Sample-to-answer nanopore sequencing on a single device

ElysION workflow

Two versions to meet your needs

ElysION with PromethION 2

ElysION with PromethION 2 Solo on board suitable for: