A portable and automated sequencing solution

A transformative approach to sequencing

TraxIONTM is a compact, all-in-one device designed to streamline the entire sequencing process, from nucleic acid extraction and library preparation to nanopore sequencing, facilitated by an integrated flow cell. This portable and efficient device eliminates the need for pipettes and provides an innovative alternative to traditional laboratory equipment.


  • Straightforward​: Novel, pipette-free approach with integrated reagents to prep and sequence
  • Sample to sequence: Extract, prepare, sequence all-in-one​
  • Portable​: In the lab or field​
  • Simple and automated​: Select protocol, insert sample, and leave​
  • Sustainable: Reduce consumables usage and amount of equipment in the lab​

TraxIONTM is currently in development. If you wish to stay informed about its progress or have a project you think it would be suited for, please register your interest.​