Nanopore sequencing offers advantages in all areas of research. Our offering includes DNA sequencing, as well as RNA and gene expression analysis and future technology for analysing proteins.

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Oxford Nanopore Technologies

London Calling 2022: Update from Oxford Nanopore Technologies

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Catch up with the Oxford Nanopore technology update from London Calling 2022 — topics include Kit 14 and the R10.4.1 nanopore for 99.6% simplex & Q30 duplex accuracies, improvements in flow cell output, a new file format, and Clive Brown's, CTO, vision for the future

00:00 Clive Brown introduction

03:45 James Clarke - Platform update

06:40 Move to r10 series

09:00 Improving output

10:00 P2 11:15 Unfinished business

13:20 Flowcell robustness

15:10 Where we are going & new ASIC

19:00 Lakmal - Nanopore update

19:20 Nanopore accuracy occupancy

20:30 Accuracy recap

22:22 Motor and pore improvements

24:00 Kit 14 and r10.4.1 Q20 plus chemistry

24:55 Tuneable run settings

26:59 Duplex - Q30 accuracy

30:00 Long readers & homopolymer sequencing

33:05 Stuart Reid - Data update

36:45 Where are we now - headline accuracy stats

43:13 Summary slide of headline accuracy stata

44:05 Short fragment mode

45:00 Updates to adaptive sampling

46:00 POD5 files

47:22 Dorado

49:00 Rosemary Sinclair Dokos - Product update

49:45 Product features

51:05: Versatility of applications

53:30 Release phases

54:05 Sample prep - ultra-long, cDNA, RNA

57:55 Future applications in pathogen surveillance

58:47 VolTRAX 1:00:00 Kit 14

1:03:32 Release timeline

1:04:20 Summary of key releases

1:09:23 Clive Brown - New and Notable

1:09:45 MinION Mk1D

1:11:30 Accuracy - quality scores

1:12:08 State of the art methylation accuracy

1:13:40 Training base modifications for any modification

1:15:25 Outy sequencing 1:19:25 Short fragment applications

1:23:02 Flow cell loading using an insert for easier loading

1:24:40 Liquid biopsy platform

1:31:15 The future potential for protein sequencing

1:40:00 Summary