On-demand sequencing for applied applications

Launching with the GridION™ Q, the ISO9001-qualified Q-Line sequencing portfolio from Oxford Nanopore delivers all of the benefits of real-time, on-demand nanopore sequencing in a locked-down, standardised format — enabling the implementation of routine, long-term workflows for in-house validated assays.


Proven, locked-down technology


Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11


Full operating software and consumable version support and supply for at least 3 years post release


Clearly defined, visible product update pathway and implementation support


ISO 9001:2015 certified product manufacturing process

Is Q-Line right for me?

Locked-down Q-Line products are suitable for all long-term, internally validated sequencing workflows where rapid and reliable results are required, including:


Pharmaceutical research


Clinical research


Veterinary diagnostics


Supply chain monitoring


Environmental monitoring


Outbreak surveillance

Sequencing devices

GridION on black background with shadow


A locked-down version of the flexible, high-throughput benchtop sequencing system with integrated compute.

With the capacity to run five independent flow cells on demand, the GridION Q offers the same flexibility and specification as the established GridION Mk1 platform, but with fixed software and chemistry updates — allowing users to setup robust, long-term, in-house validated sequencing workflows. Integrated high-performance GPUs alleviate data analysis bottlenecks.

Library preparation

Q-Line Ligation Kit

Ligation Sequencing Kit Q

A versatile library preparation kit combining high sequencing yield and control over read length with streamlined, automatable processing.

Q-Line Native Barcoding kit

Native Barcoding Expansion Q

Enabling up to 24 samples to be run on a single flow cell — allowing maximum data generation and lowering the cost per sample. As PCR is not required, samples can be multiplexed without loss of base modification information.

Q-Line Rapid barcoding kit

Rapid Barcoding Kit Q

A simple and rapid library preparation method, with barcoding for up to 12 genomic DNA samples..

Q-Line wash kit

Flow Cell Wash Kit Q

Enables you to wash and reuse flow cells for multiple successive runs, maximising your sequence data across the life of the flow cell.

Receive comprehensive, enhanced support when you need it, for confident integration of nanopore sequencing into routine, long-term workflows. IQ/OQ/PQ options, either through detailed self-guide instructions or with the support of an experienced Oxford Nanopore specialist, ensure your devices and reagents perform to the high standard you need.




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