MinION software (MinKNOW) upgraded to enable increased data yield, other benefits

An upgrade of the MinION software, MinKNOW, has been released to the nanopore community.

MinKNOW 1.4.2 provides several improvements and new features:

  • Experiment control parameters have been optimised to increase the volume of sequence data obtained from each nanopore channel. Recent internal experiments using MinKNOW 1.4 have generated as much as 17Gb from one MinION Flow Cell.
  • Improved file management for handling the increasing amount of data being generated by MinION Flow Cells, such as stratification of file management for onward analysis.
  • Updates are also now on demand as opposed to forced updates following user feedback

1D nanopore sequencing on the MinION therefore now provides:

  • High throughput data, useful for multiplexing multiple experiments or for larger genome projects such as de novo human assemblies.
  • High raw accuracy, ~92%, that enables high consensus accuracy
  • Rapid and easy library prep, in as little as 5-10 minutes
  • Library preparation methods from as little as 10 pg input DNA (using WGA)

For members of the nanopore community, please review the community post.

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