How direct RNA nanopore sequencing can enhance your research
July 11 2024, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM BST

Knowledge Exchange Overview

Nanopore sequencing is the only available technology that directly reads native RNA transcripts, making it possible to quantify gene and isoform expression without PCR bias and detect RNA modifications. With long nanopore reads, isoforms can be resolved in full and poly-A tail lengths accurately estimated. In this knowledge exchange, discover how direct RNA nanopore sequencing works and how it can enhance your research.

In this knowledge exchange, viewers will learn:

  • How the Direct RNA Sequencing Kit enables the preparation and nanopore sequencing of native RNA, including the detection of RNA modifications.

  • About the direct RNA sequencing workflow, including how to prepare libraries with the Direct RNA Sequencing Kit, which sequencing device to choose to meet experimental goals, and how to analyse data.

  • What direct RNA nanopore sequencing can bring to research across numerous applications, with a worked example.

Meet the speakers

picture of Libby Snell

Libby Snell, Director, RNA and cDNA Sample Technology (R&D), Oxford Nanopore

Libby Snell, PhD, is the Director of RNA and cDNA Sample Technology, overseeing the R&D and applicat...

picture of Daniel Garalde

Daniel Garalde, Associate Director - Technology Markets, Oxford Nanopore

Daniel used nanopores to study single molecule DNA-protein complexes in the nanopore research group ...