BoardION: real-time monitoring of Oxford Nanopore Technologies devices

One of the main advantages of the Oxford Nanopore Technology (ONT) is the possibility of sequencing in real time. However, the ONT sequencing interface is not sufficient to explore the quality of sequencing data in depth and existing tools do not take full advantage of real-time data streaming.

We present BoardION, an interactive web application, dedicated to sequencing platforms, for real-time monitoring of all ONT sequencing devices (MinION, Mk1C, GridION and PromethION).

BoardION allows users to easily explore sequencing metrics and optimize the quantity and the quality of the generated data during the experiment. It also enables the comparison of several flowcells to evaluate the library preparation protocols or the quality of input samples.

Availability: Source code and a Docker image are available at

Authors: Aimeric Bruno, Jean-Marc Aury, Stefan Engelen