RNA library preparation

Revolutionise your RNA research

The RNA library preparation kits offer a range of benefits, including high accuracy, long reads, and fast turnaround times. Every research project is unique, so to cater to different research projects, a range of kits are available. Confidently characterise and quantify full-length RNA transcripts, splice variants, and fusions using short to ultra-long fragment nanopore sequencing. Accurately analyse differential gene expression and transcript usage. Sequence native RNA directly, without amplification or reverse transcription, and identify base modifications.

Direct RNA cDNA
Direct RNA Sequencing Kit cDNA-PCR Sequencing Kit
Preparation time 135 min ~225 mins + PCR
Input recommendation 300 ng poly(A)+ RNA or 1 μg total RNA 10 ng poly(A)+ RNA or 500 ng total RNA
Fragmentation Optional Yes
Amplification No Yes
Barcode options In development cDNA-PCR Barcoding Kit (24 plex)
Typical output 20M reads >100M reads
Adaptive sampling In development In development
Methylation included Yes -

RNA sequencing with nanopore technology

Single-cell sequencing with Oxford Nanopore