China welcomes Oxford Nanopore technology 中国市场喜迎牛津纳米孔技术



October 2017: Oxford Nanopore sequencing technology is now available in China.

The long-read, real-time, portable MinION sequencer is now being used by researchers across China, who are working on myriad DNA sequencing applications including: pathogen research, human genetics, plant genetics, animal genetics and metagenomics. Chinese researchers are also preparing to start cDNA and direct RNA sequencing projects.

The GridION X5 device, which allows five Flow Cells to be run individually or concurrently, and includes computing functionality, has also arrived in China. For example, GrandOmics has announced the arrival of three GridIONs with three more to come, and is establishing its nanopore sequencing service at NextOmics to Chinese customers. CookGene, the subsidiary of Forevergen that specialises in Oxford Nanopore sequencing, will be welcoming their new GridION this month, to continue their de novo assembly work that was recently published in Nature Methods (WeChat link) . Simcere Diagnostics, a division of Simcere Pharmaceutical Group, a leading Chinese pharmaceuticals provider and healthcare innovator, will be welcoming their first GridION X5 soon, in order to progress their work on development of future clinical diagnostic tools, R&D services and healthcare products for infectious disease management. Watch this space as more nanopore technology makes its way to China and across the world; some will be used in-house by researchers and some GridIONs/PromethIONs will be used to offer nanopore sequencing as a service.

Oxford Nanopore now has China-based commercial and support staff and is preparing to open a new Shanghai office this year.

Chinese customers who are interested in using nanopore can find out more and contact us at our Chinese website.

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Oxford Nanopore Technologies (牛津纳米孔技术) 正式开始为中国市场提供产品与服务

牛津纳米孔的MinION测序仪,拥有长读长、实时测序、便于携带等优势,正在中国为全国的相关研究人员广泛使用。MinION测序仪在中国被应用于各种不同的专业领域,其中包括:病原体研究、人类遗传学、植物遗传学、动物遗传学、宏基因组学等。 MinION测序仪也即将在中国被运用于开展RNA直接测序项目。

牛津纳米孔的GridION测序仪也已经正式进入中国市场。GridION 测序仪一次最多可单独或一起运行五个流动池。近期,中国第一台、第二台、第三台GridION已顺利到达北京希望组(GrandOmics)的实验中心,即将面向中国市场提供牛津纳米孔的专业服务。诺生物(Forevergen) 旗下牛津纳米孔技术测序独立品牌CookGene也将在本月迎来一台新的GridION,以继续帮助该公司开展de novo基因组项目,该项目的成果已在Nature Methods期刊中发表微信链接) 。中国市场领先的药品企业先声药业旗下的先声诊断(Simcere Diagnostics) 也将迎来第一台GridION X5,为该公司未来针对传染病控制的临床诊断工具、研发和相关产品开发项目提供助力。



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